Here is the only patch where you can fire and explode KurtZ soldiers ; yes : conceived for your ultimate pleasure, this patch allows you to quickly make a huge massacre of KurtZ style troups. I incorporated new skins of me in current models with my own head. If you don't like me : this patch is for you. Explode me if you can !


(*) Characters MDL Modification

- added a new skin for : soldier, ogre, and wizard
______. faces are changed to threatening KurtZ expressions.
______. heads of dead monsters express fear or surprise.
______. no more pink style pixellisation on low light levels.

- changed frames for soldat, ogre, and wizard
______. added a loading frame scheme for the soldat ;
______. removed the bomb launcher for the Ogre (yes : this ability was not realistic because Ogre is naturally to stupid to do two different things ; so I cancelled bomb references in the quake c source code to avoid initialization error messages !)
______. added a loading frame scheme for the ogre.
______. total revision of wizard's vertex structure : now wizards are floating KurtZ heads firing coagulated pool of acid blood.

- added new sounds for soldier, ogre, wizard (used a rack with a light flanger effect : cool !).
______. soldier voice "je te vois!" (I can see you!)
______. ogre voice "manger" (wanna eat!).
______. replaced wizard voices by DooM's old WAV filtered in my rack.

- Ogre is lighter and can run 25% faster when attacking its targets !

(*) Quake Game New Features :

+ Fighting with new weapons
______- added new nice little weapons :
____________. PipeBombs: Impulse 22 (arm) / Impulse 23 (explode)
a specific yellow model.
____________. Mines : Impulse 21 to drop it.
____________________Added a specific yellow model with cpu blinks.
____________. Seeker : homing missile
_____________________ (impulse 24 if Rocket Launcher).

+ Miscellaneous little new features since last release :
______- new DEMO1, DEMO2, DEMO3 added for introducing QuakeMax.
______- new funny messages when selecting a weapon...

(*) Special ShareWare Test Mode !

Quakemax runs on Registered AND ShareWare Distribution of Quake 1.01/1.06 ! I packed the MOD in a pack (.pak) file for more convenient usage. See the Installation Chapter for more info about installing QuakeMax 1.08 in your shareware distribution...


-> Download it here !

-> Registered users

Go in the "\quake\id1" directory & rename your "config.cfg" file into another name (i.e : "config.old"). Copy the quakemax's PAK2.PAK & config.cfg files in \quake\id1, and then launch Quake.EXE or WinQuake.EXE with your usual parameters... To reverse this installation, copy "config.old" ON your "config.sys" file, and then, erase pak2.pak from your disk.

-> Shareware Users

Go in the "\quake\id1" directory & rename your "config.cfg" file into another name (i.e : "config.old"). Put the quakemax's PAK2.PAK & config.cfg files in \quake\id1... RENAME the PAK2.pak file in PAK1.PAK, to run this patch... What ? You thought it was not possible to run a MOD patch under shareware version ? Shut up & play !

IMPORTANT NOTE : others episodes are now apparently accessible via the "start"
map, but this is an illusion because you do not really have the 4 episodes ! To uninstall, copy "config.old" ON your "config.sys" file, and then, erase pak1.pak from the disk.


That's all girls ! So what !? Ready to have the only one revenge you will only have in your life ? Ready to kill somebody that doesn't like you at all ? To feel the pleasure of having my life within your fingers, hitting the keyboard with hope and fear ?!.


Main Credits
: Akke Monasso

Other : Aexia / Alverson, Ken / AsmodeusB / Barnett, Matt /Bell, Marc Bolin, Cristopher / Bond, Steve / Brinkman, Mirjam / Butch / Choryoth Cuijpers, Louis / Foobar / Guthrie, John / Hannes / Hilton, Chris Houser, Matt / Jack the Stripper / Karl, Stephen F. / Keegan, Doug Kirsch, Dave / Lauer, Isaac / Lee, Jeff / Lewis, Mark / Li, Ray Mercer, Ronald E. / Nestorix / Newham, Cameron / Noordsij, Dennis Plass, Johannes / Powell, Shane W. / Punisher / Ramsay, Scott / ScottL Smith, Bart / Smith, Stan / Spickes, John / Sto / Thingy / VHold
Wedge / Wees, Jeroen van / Weiden, Dave / Wiedenmann, David Wright, Jonathan E. / Yakuza / Zimmerman, Charlie